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Health & Safety Reform Bill UPDATE

Check out this handy links to FAQs about the upcoming law change…

The new law will put the primary duty onto what they call a PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking)…

• Want to know if you are a PCBU? Click here to find out if you are a PCBU.

• What happens if you are a PCBU? Click here to find out your obligations.

• What responsibilities do your workers have? Click here to see worker responsibilities.

• What if you employ sub-contractors or you work on someone else’s site? Click here to see how responsibilities overlap.


How does it affect you if you are a Director, Sole Trader, Board Member, Partner etc…

• If you are an officer under the new law (Director, Sole Trader, Board Member, Partner etc), make sure you know your responsibilities because you can now be personally liable. Click here to find out your responsibilities.

**Check out these extra links if you are a volunteer organisation, or are a supplier, manufacturer or designer of plant, substances or structures.


WorkSafe Updates

WorkSafe NZ have just provided the Assessment Tools their inspectors use along with feedback from their recent inspections – really handy to see the areas they are looking at. Check it out here.

They also have released guidelines around the Safe Use of Machinery – since most of our clients use machinery, best you read it here.


Three new teams of Health & Safety Inspectors

June 2013

Read how this effects you here

Useful Resources for new director guidelines

May 2013

Diagnostic questions for directors

Actions for directors

Managing health and safety risks

Guidelines for company directors on their health and safety responsibilities

May 2013 -

An important resource for company directors, and part of the  Ministry’s work to implement recommendations from the Royal Commission on the  Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy, is now available…

Taskforce calls for sweeping change in health & safety

May 2013 -

The Independent Taskforce on Health and Safety has today issued its report to Minister of Labour Simon Bridges. The taskforce calls for change in all areas of New Zealand’s health and safety system and warns that to be effective all of its recommendations need to be implemented…