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This blogging business is new to us! – but keep an eye on this Health and Safety Blog because we’ll endeavor to keep you posted on the latest in NZ OSH news…and will share with you the helpful and interesting articles we find on our daily Google.


August 2017 – Toolbox Topic


It’s come to our attention lately that not many people are aware of the Excavation Safety Good Practice Guidelines that were put out by WorkSafe (replaces the Code of Practice) or the rules around Notifiable Works. So here is some info…please read as you may think it doesn’t apply to you, but you might be surprised!

Have a read here.


April 2017 – Toolbox Topic


The tragic workplace death of a contractor at Southport has given us all some important things to think about – particularly in terms of controlling hazards.

Read the article here and our summary of causes – with some questions to pose to yourself and your workers.



Coming May 2017…

First Aid Training – Cambridge


Click here for more info

To book email – limited spaces!




Mar 2017 – Toolbox Topic

Personal Protective Equipment


What do you need to know about PPE? Here is another helpful toolbox talk…click here




Feb 2017

Who’s Responsible for Health & Safety?

Everyone plays a part in keeping the workplace safe. Check it out here.

Jan 2017

How to Give a Toolbox Talk

Toolbox talks (also known as tailgate safety meetings or safety briefs) are an increasingly popular and effective way to quickly review and reinforce safety procedures and responsibilities.

Click here for some tips on how to give effective toolbox talks.

Dec 2016

OSHbox Safety Partner – Kensington Swan Lawyers

This month, we focus on a safety partner who does more than just provide support through incident investigations and prosecutions. Find out more…

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

The time has come! As of April 4, 2016 – the new Act will come into force.

If you are looking for more info, get in touch, or check out the WorkSafe website




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