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About Us

David McKain founded OSHbox after noticing a gap in the market for simple, customised and cost effective Health & Safety systems. After months of research, Dave had produced the OSHbox, a set of basic documents that can be used in any industry and easily customised to the work you do.

“I’ve seen it all – generic manuals that no one would read, let alone do something with – I once had a Mining Contractor show me a manual they had spent thousands on that had policies for the safe operation of kitchen cake mixers…and then there was the farmers who had never opened their manual and found it had another companies name in it!”

OSHbox has a particular set of values that attracted Angie Williams to join the business - the commitment to providing an ‘above and beyond’ service to clients was important, as was the focus on looking outside the square and finding solutions for businesses that work well beyond the capabilities of a generic system.

OSHbox have grown to now service hundreds of businesses nationwide supplying both paper-based and cloud-based health and safety solutions.



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